What is Feline Poverty?

A cat who is experiencing a poor quality of life based on factors associated with:

  1. Cats and Kittens suffering and/or dying on the Streets

  2. Cats and Kittens suffering and/or dying in our Shelters

  3. Cats and Kittens living in homes who need access to care, spay & neuter, food, water, quality living situation(s)

  4. Cats and Kittens being warehoused in shelters and rescues with no home. (No fault of the people or organizations caring for them)

  5. Cats and Kittens being surrendered by owners due to various circumstances.

You have all witnessed a cat or kitten experiencing Feline Poverty. 

  1. The cat or kitten roaming in your yard, that is not yours. Maybe he or she is dirty, thin, and hungry. Maybe friendly. Maybe just scared of you and everyone else.

  2. The box of kittens being given away at your local store, due to an unspayed female who will give birth again.

  3. The ad on Craigslist, the post of Facebook or Instagram looking for a home for cats or kittens.

  4. The cat or kitten that was just killed by a predator such as a human, dog, or coyote.

  5. The cat or kitten that was just hit by a car and died in the streets.

  6. The cat or kitten scurrying under that building for safety. Because they were born into poverty or let go by an owner thinking they can fend for themselves.

  7. The cats or kittens being fed by the “crazy cat lady or crazy cat man” neighbor because they understand their needs for food, water, and safe shelter. Maybe they don’t understand the need to stop the breeding.

The suffering by cats and kittens experiencing Feline Poverty is known and unknown, because we can't see them all. This is not new to you or your neighbors. This is not new to the people we elect to represent us. This is not new to humanity.

Feline Poverty covers many cats and kittens existing in our community. By spaying and neutering every cat and kitten we can, it allows our community to support:

  1. Cats and Kittens in homes whose owners need help, to provide basic resources like food and vaccines.

  2. Cats and Kittens living in shelters and rescues that need homes, reducing the options gets them adopted sooner.

  3. Injured/suffering Cats and Kittens on our streets, more resources to focus on their care to become healthy and not suffer.

  4. Cats and Kittens surrendered due to life circumstances like loss of job and death, they deserve to be loved and have the rest of their life in a quality and loving environment.

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